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Men / Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner Vital Stats:

👍 177
Body Type:  Muscular
Eye Color:  brown eye
Hair color:  blonde
Nationality:  American
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile
Age:  1982-05-04

“My very first scene has just come out for MenAtPlay! I’m very excited, and I’m surprised its out already since I was only just there filming a couple weeks ago! Talk about a quick turn around.

It’s a solo scene. I’ve been really excited for this scene since I think it was such great set/concept, plus I loved wearing the suit! Felt like a powerful rancher wearing the suit laying around on the saddle and cowhides. It was HOT. I don’t get many instances where I get to dress up in great well fitting suits like that, so it was definitely a hot experience since I have that attraction to the suit fetish myself. You cant help but feel sexy when your in clothes like that.”

Paul Wagner Updates

Paul Wagner Comments

TerronK69 12/08/2019
Been a fan for years. He is so hot. That nice layer of body fur. That furry and delicious ass. And then I see him in a suit. Man what a treat!!

Wolfen 08/29/2020
What ever happened to Paul. Such a great looking guy. Very nice body and the perfect cock, amazing loads. Would definitely like to be on the receiving end...

GoodyearAZguy 10/17/2020
Yes would you please bring Mr. Paul Wagner back? I enjoy watching his films so very much and that dude is fucking hot!!!!!! Please and thank you!!!

Foot lover 11/30/2021
Saw him on the street in Ptown pre-movie. So hot!