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Men / Gabriel Lunna

Gabriel Lunna Vital Stats:

👍 118
Body Type:  Bodybuilder
Eye Color:  hazel eye
Hair color:  dark
Nationality:  Spanish, smooth
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Power Bottom
Height:  1.75

This stunning specimen has an incredible lean stacked body. Not surprising as Gabriel works hard on his competition body building. But when he's not pumping at the gym hes getting pumped at Menatplay. The thick, full, bubble-butt that he's deadlifted in to perfection, doesn't go to waste as he loves to get fucked long and hard. Though his body is maybe a little too big for the suit look, we do love to see him busting out of one. Dont you just love a macho built hunk of meat who knows how to take it like a man?

Gabriel Lunna Updates

Gabriel Lunna Comments

Skiier 07/31/2019

Pdvs 09/11/2019
We need Gabriel Lunna back, I really miss that sexy muscle ass!

LAHONNES 12/15/2020
These two fellas really burn up the set! The boys gratify each other until their worlds collide and ooze a liquid of pure essence of pearl or so it appears. Surely between oohs and ahs, these boys spurted out phone numbers and names, or maybe later, they spent their last minutes scribbling numbers & names in those pearly gobs of agglomeration before the time and opportunity dries up and out of existence. As for myself, I had selected this video, sat down and sunk back into my easy chair to watch these boys get acquainted on tape. I HAD ONLY THOUGHT I was in control......... HOT! HOT! HOT! SIZZLE! SIZZLE! SIZZLE! WHAT A MESS!!! I am sending my cleaning bill AND address AND telephone number to both Mr. Lunna and Mr. Mecum. (Icum; Lucum; Mecum; we all cum!) I'm off to beddie bye. boys. Sweet, sticky dreams all you cutie pies! :-) XOX