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Movie Comments

Rsuit 12345 01/21/2022
I am so fucking turned on by both of them. So sexy. I thought I hate the "uh huh!" repeated by Leander, but I want him so badly to be fucked by me...and fuck me!!

Carlos Miranda 01/21/2022
Leander....Leander...Leander..we need this red hired executive wearing Ultra Sheer soxks in next scene.

Wow 01/21/2022
Enjoyed it. Leander reminds you of a typical well dressed executive that you would fantasise about. I do wish he had kept his shiny pair of shoes on, though. And Johnny is hot as well. So it was a perfect combination.

John 01/21/2022
Leander is so exceptional and cute at the same time.. and the new guy?! Just wow!❤️ Would love see him again with other hot guys from your team like Dato Foland, Gustavo Cruz, Sirpeeter and Pol Prince! 😍😍 he is perfect as versatile! Hard Top fucker and perfect bottom with a big hard dick at the same time!

suitedcboy 01/21/2022
Great pairing for great suit-on sex!